New Actiful® clinical study on physical fitness and mental wellness in active seniors

Maastricht, The Netherlands, June 11th, 2019

Press release
BioActor recently completed a new clinical study with Actiful® on physical fitness and mental wellness in active seniors. Actiful®, a natural superfruit orange & pomegranate complex, was tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study in active seniors.The new clinical study shows that Actiful® supplementation has a positive impact on parameters of physical fitness, quality of life and mental wellness in healthy active seniors.

The Clinical Findings of Actiful®

Actiful®, is a superfruit citrus and pomegranate complex designed to support active living. Previous clinical trials investigated the effects of Actiful® on blood flow, with improved vasodilation and a more efficient use of oxygen in the mitochondria, resulting in more energy production. A recent clinical study on Actiful® revealed a significant improvement of anaerobic power and mental wellness in active seniors.

The purpose of this study was to determine whether 4 weeks of daily supplementation of Actiful® enhances physical fitness and mental wellness compared to placebo in healthy active seniors. The participants had an average age of 66 years and were all in good condition.

Physical fitness was determined by the Senior Fitness Test with significant improvement in anaerobic power observed in the Actiful® group compared to placebo. The WHO Quality of Life questionnaire was completed by the participants, to assess their quality of life which resulted in a significant improvement in Mental Wellness in the Actiful® group compared to placebo.

Actiful® has been developed to meet the market need for specific nutrition to support active living and vitality.

About BioActor

BioActor, based in Maastricht, Netherlands, is a product development company that has developed a range of proprietary bioactive ingredients for the nutrition & healthcare industry. The company focuses on the development of innovative activities that address active living and healthy aging. The goal is to provide the nutrition & healthcare industry with science-based innovations that confer a real health benefit to the consumer.

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