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The first pillar of our product development strategy is the scientific evaluation of plant-based bio-active molecules. We explore the potential of our extracts and elucidate their underlying mode of action through both clinical and in-vitro studies.

The second driver for innovation is our curiosity; we are truly passionately curious to explore new health areas. Always looking for white space and often the first to clinically study a new health effect. We plan, execute and publish several clinical studies annually, in close collaboration with principal investigators from international research institutes and universities.

All of our clinical research is conducted in compliance with the international guidelines of “Good Clinical Practice”. High-quality peer-reviewed research is an essential part of our value creation strategy.

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A literature search is conducted to summarize existing data on the relevant topic. Moreover, connections with established academic researchers are made to collaborate on related projects.

All study-related documents such as the protocol, participant information, and study operating procedures are prepared to ensure compliance with “Good Clinical Practice” guidelines.

The local ethics committee critically reviews all study-related documents to guarantee that the research is conducted responsibly. The study is approved only if safety for the participants is warranted.

Various channels such as flyers, posters, and social media are used to recruit potential participants. After expressing interest, they receive more information and visit the research facilities to participate in a screening. Screening is performed to evaluate the eligibility of the potential participants.

All study procedures with the participants are planned and carried out by our clinical research team at the research facilities. We operate in facilities allowing us to measure several parameters such as cognitive function, exercise performance, blood markers, microbiome composition and physical activity

The collected data is combined and analyzed with statistical software. Following data analysis and reporting of the results, a draft version is submitted to a scientific journal. After peer-review and finalization of the study paper, the study results are published in the specific journal.