WEBINAR – Learn about Vitality

June 7th 2021

Vitality is an attractive health proposition for many consumers. More than ever, people are looking for real solutions to achieve their goals in life, with physical and mental wellness among them.

The holistic approach and desire for vitality aren’t restricted to 50+ individuals trying to get back to their youth. In fact, younger generations are demanding products supporting their busy lifestyles. However, vitality could be seen as a hazy concept with different meanings. That’s why vitality positionings represent both an attractive and yet open opportunity for supplement brands.

At BioActor we have embraced the vitality concept, and we are focusing on the research in this field with a three-dimensional approach: physical, mental, and sexual health.

What are you going to learn during the webinar?

Trends & Consumer Insights

Who are these consumers and what are they looking for? Presentation by Marit Veenstra – Trends and consumers insights specialist, who will provide insights into the consumer trends driving the vitality segment of the nutraceutical and functional foods market.
Duration: 10 minutes

Clinical Research

How do you research vitality? Presentation by Sanne Ahles – Clinical researcher, who will dive into the science, explaining the relevant endpoints, tools and biomarkers, currently used in clinical research to assess vitality.
Duration: 10 minutes


Why citrus flavonoids offer great possibilities to innovate and bring vitality to consumers? Presentation by Cosimo Cisternino – Account manager at BioActor, who will introduce the health ingredient Actiful® – A natural citrus flavonoids booster for energy and vitality.
Duration: 10 minutes

Q&A session

Duration: 10 minutes

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