WEBINAR in french – Women’s Health EU market

European Women’s health market, clinical data and product concepts with Bonolive® to support women during menopause.

Webinar: 7th November 2023 – 15:00 CEWT

More than ever, nutrition and supplementation are recognized to be effective strategies to address women’s health. Watch our latest webinar to learn more about the EU market for women’s health supplements, clinical evidence supporting Bonolive®, and product formulations. Watch now on demand!


The European Women’s Health market is growing. Join our webinar to explore evolving trends with a focus on France, address needs across ages, and uncover recent developments. Experts will discuss key factors shaping women’s health, providing insights for global advancement.

Menopause is an important stage of every women’s life. It brings unique challenges due to hormonal changes. From short-term concerns like hot flashes to long-term risks like cardiovascular issues and bone loss , nutrition and supplementation are crucial for support.

Discover Bonolive® and how BioActor’s olive polyphenol-based ingredient supports women during peri- and post-menopause!

What are you going to learn during this webinar?

European Women’s Health Market & Trends in France

Presentation by Aurore de Monclin from the Healthy Marketing Team, who is going to talk about the present state of the European Women’s Health market, the key considerations for women belonging to various age groups, and the trends within the french market.
Duration: 10 minutes

Clinical Research

Presentation provided by Maria Imperatrice – our in house clinical researcher, and presented by Billie Icheva – our Marketing Officer. You will be introduced to the science behind Bonolive® and the clinical trials showing the positive effect of Bonolive® on cardiovascular health, bone health and mobility.
Duration: 10 minutes

Formulating with Bonolive®

Presentation by Tony Payet– Sales Manager Europe, who will dive into Bonolive® mode of action, a new consumer study on its effect and product formulation examples related to women’s health.
Duration: 10 minutes

Q&A session

Duration:  5 minutes