WEBINAR: Hydration++


Are you interested in hydration formulas backed-up by science? At this webinar, we will present WATTS’UP® and the benefits of adding it to your formulation. Find out more about the science behind WATTS’UP® and its formulation possibilities.


Why watch?


The market for hydration products is steadily growing and consumer demands shape the market outlook. Due to raising customer awareness regarding health and wellbeing, they are looking for products that contain high-quality and scientifically-backed ingredients to health provide benefits beyond hydration.

Hydration products offering additional benefits are an upcoming trend. Find out how WATTS’UP can be the perfect addition to your hydration formula and add health benefits beyond hydration!

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Presentation by Marit

10 minutes

EU Hydration Market Insights: expected growth, consumer preferences, product examples


Presentation by Yala

10 minutes 

The Science behind WATTS’UP®: Discover the clinical data behind WATTS’UP® and understand the advantages it has to offer for sports performance.


Presentation by Valeria

10 minutes

Sales and Formulation possibilities of WATTS’UP®: all you need to know about dose, delivery formats, specifications and more