WEBINAR – Brain Fitness

Join us for a deep-dive webinar into Brain Fitness dedicated to the professionals operating in the nutraceutical industry. Together with our expert speakers, we will explore different facets of this “hot topic”, connecting the trends, clinical research and innovation.

Connecting trends, clinical research and innovation for nutraceuticals.

The human brain is our command centre and enables thoughts, memory, movement and emotions by a complex function. Maintaining a fit brain during one’s life is the uppermost goal in pursuing health and wellbeing.

Consumers are increasingly looking to improve Brain Fitness and focus. Nootropic ingredients have been on the rise due to more people looking to enhance their brain performance. Moreover, working remotely with many distractions further accelerated the popularity of such ingredients, which have become a must-have for many individuals.

Therefore, it is essential for professionals in the sector to understand what Brain Fitness really is, the consumers’ segmentation and key insights about this trend, and how the clinical research is performed to evaluate the potential of new nutraceuticals solutions.

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Meet the Speakers:

Meet the speakers

What are you going to learn during this webinar?

The Brain Fitness trends & consumer insights

Who are these consumers and what are they looking for? Presentation by Marit Veenstra – Trends and consumers insights specialist, who will provide insights into the consumer trends driving the brain health product positioning of the nutraceutical and functional foods market.
Duration: 10 minutes

Clinical Research

How do you research Brain Fitness? Presentation by Sanne Ahles – Clinical researcher, who will dive into the science, explaining the relevant endpoints, tools and biomarkers, currently used in clinical research.
Duration: 10 minutes


Brainberry®: Aronia melanocarpa extract to help consumers reach their Brain Fitness goals. Presentation by Cosimo Cisternino – Marketing & Account manager at BioActor, who will introduce the health ingredient Brainberry® – A natural, clinically validated Aronia berry extract targeting cognition.
Duration: 10 minutes

Q&A session

Duration: 10 minutes