Actiful Energy

Top 6 Reasons to Include Actiful® in Your Energy Supplement

Top 6 Reasons to Include Actiful® in Your Energy Supplement

Last updated: June 14th, 2024

November 1st, 2021

As energy-boosting dietary supplements are gaining popularity among consumers, the need for clinically proven health ingredients is growing accordingly. If you are a formulator looking to craft an effective product targeting energy & vitality, you may be overwhelmed by the many ingredients available out there. Can’t make your mind up? In this article, we explore the top 6 reasons to include Actiful® in your product.

Actiful Energy

The growing interest in energy-boosting supplements.

In today’s hectic world, more than ever, people suffer from tiredness and lack of energy. Many consumers indeed tackle physical and mental stress with the help of dietary energy-boosting supplements, which help them avoid fatigue, do more sports and be more socially active.

The interest in nutritional solutions for an extra energy kick is increasingly gaining popularity. In fact, according to the recent CRN consumer survey on dietary supplements, improving energy levels is among the top 5 reasons for consuming such products (28%, a 7% increase yearly), showing how people rely on supplements to get through the day.

What is Actiful®?

Actiful® is a patent-protected orange and pomegranate complex, specifically designed to enhance energy and vitality, affecting short-term and long-term energy systems and improving mood.

This all-natural ingredient is standardized for highly bioavailable hesperidin, an important polyphenol found in sweet oranges (Citrus Sinensis). Hesperidin-containing foods are part of the type of foods that are good to support your daily energy.

Solabia Nutrition, previously known as BioActor, developed Actiful® and, together with Maastricht University, researched the ingredient and confirmed its health benefits in multiple randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Including Actiful® in your formulation: top 6 reasons

If you are thinking of including Actiful® in your formulation, you must know the following:


1. It has been clinically tested in both young and senior subjects.

When the common goal is being more active, Actiful® is the ideal ingredient for both young and senior subjects.

The efficacy of Actiful® was first demonstrated in a 4-week randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study conducted with young subjects. The results show that immediate and sustained energy improved significantly for the supplementation group compared to placebo [1].

In another clinical trial, the objective was to measure the effect of Actiful® on energy and mental wellness in seniors. As expected, anaerobic power significantly improved in the supplementation group [2].

Interestingly, the WHO Quality of Life scores on mental wellness significantly increased in the Actiful® group, compared to the placebo.


2. It boosts the NO levels, thereby improving the blood flow.

The active flavonoids in sweet orange, the major component of Actiful®, were found to activate the phosphorylation of Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNOS). eNOS is the key enzyme for Nitric Oxide (NO) synthesis [3]. Consequently, NO increases, which positively affects the endothelium by promoting vasodilation and increasing blood flow.

As a direct consequence of the improved blood flow, oxygen and nutrients are more efficiently transported to the body districts where required.

Pomegranate further augments the production of NO as it is an excellent donor of highly bioavailable nitrate.


3. It works directly at the mitochondrial level.

Experiments in myotubes showed that hesperitin, the active flavanone derived from the metabolization of Actiful®, enhances ATP production at the mitochondrial level [4].

By quenching the reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reducing proton leakage between the intermembrane space and the mitochondrial matrix, Hesperitin can improve the proton gradient required for the ADP-ATP phosphorylation cycle.

This process results in a better respiration capacity of the mitochondria, leading to more ATP production, the fuel for our muscles.


4. It acts on the body as well as on the mind.

Mood is a crucial aspect of every individual’s well-being. Stress, anxiety, focus and happiness are all factors that affect our psychophysical wellness.

It was demonstrated that the supplementation with Actiful® not only positively affects the energy level, but it may also affect the mood.

As it is clear that body and mind work in tandem, Actiful® can be considered the perfect vitality enhancer!


5. High bioavailability is proven.

Bioavailability is an important aspect to consider in nutraceuticals, as it is a key indicator of absorption and directly influences the bio-activity of specific molecules.

Actiful® was developed with this concept in mind, and a human and in vitro study demonstrated that the active ingredient starts to be taken up by the body within minutes [5].

Furthermore, the active metabolites remain available for several hours after consumption. Hence, Actiful® offers excellent potential for a significant immediate energy boost, maintained over time after consumption.


6. It is patent-protected.

Actiful® is an innovative and patent-protected ingredient. Solabia Nutrition is a pioneer in researching the positive effect of citrus flavonoids on energy metabolism.

This further adds value and makes Actiful® even more unique. Why? Because you won’t find imitations in the marketplace.

If you are interested in learning more about Energy & Vitality – Trends, Clinical Research and Innovation, you should check out our webinar on this topic. Click here to view!

A promising ingredient for gaming supplements

Brainberry® – A promising ingredient for gaming supplements

Brainberry® – A promising ingredient for gaming supplements

Last updated: May 17th, 2024

January 11th, 2022

Brainberry® is an Aronia melanocarpa extract that provides an innovative and natural way to boost gaming performance in a safe and effective way. If you plan to get rid of typical sugar- and stimulant-loaded supplements and energy drinks, Brainberry® may be the healthier alternative you are looking for. Thanks to its high content in functional anthocyanins, it promises to enhance gamers’ experience by providing sustained crash-free energy, as well as clinically proven brain benefits. Read more about why this ingredient is important for your gaming supplement!

A promising ingredient for gaming supplements

Why are supplements relevant for gaming?

Gaming has grown exponentially over the last few years, not only in amateur gamers but also in professional ones– eSports.

If you are a gamer, you may have already noticed that gaming requires an incredible number of mental skills. Indeed, gaming is continuous and with very few breaks. Therefore, you need to manage a high cognitive workload, especially if your session lasts for an extended period of time.

Moreover, the visual-spatial skills are essential. These abilities allow you to analyse, recognize and rapidly respond to changes on the screen. In addition, as gaming sessions can last for hours, enhanced attention and focus are crucial. You need to have the skills to stay focused and alert, without getting sleepy and distracted.

Lastly, when gaming, it is important that you manage emotions, such as anger, anxiety and stress, as these can negatively impact your performance.

Even though nutrition has been often overlooked by most gamers, the supplement industry for this segment is growing exponentially, showing that more and more attention is being paid to this important aspect.

Over the last year, several brands have launched gaming formulas on the market and supplement use is continuously increasing amongst gamers looking to up their gaming performance. There is a wide range of products tailored to gamers, ranging from powders to capsules, functional drinks and even gummies.

Whether you are a competitive gamer or not, taking care of your body and mind through proper nutrition, supplements, and rest can yield the best results.

The main problem with most gaming supplements and energy drinks

Supplements have the potential to enhance your cognitive performance when gaming. As mentioned, together with the increased number of gamers, gaming supplement and energy drink interest and consumption have significantly grown in the last years.

However, many of these products contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar. High intakes of these two compounds are generally associated with negative health effects.

After a high caffeine intake, you may experience tachycardia, jitters, headaches or disrupted sleep [1, 2, 3]. In fact, excessive caffeine consumption can negatively impact brain performance. On top of this, high caffeine consumption during the teenage years is associated with an increased risk of suffering from anxiety disorders in adulthood [4].

On the other hand, a high sugar intake may lead to unhealthy weight gain and dental caries, both undesired health effects. Moreover, high sugar spikes in the blood are often followed by an energy crash, which is not ideal when you need to be focused.

If you plan to get rid of typical sugar- and stimulant-loaded supplements and energy drinks, Brainberry® may be the healthier alternative you are looking for.

What is Brainberry®?

Brainberry® is an Aronia melanocarpa extract, standardized for high levels of the anthocyanin cyanidin-3-O-galactoside. This ingredient is clinically validated to improve focus and psychomotor control.

The consumption of anthocyanins has been associated with improved cognition skills, such as memory, attention and psychomotor speed [5, 6, 7].

The active cyanidins present in Aronia berry extract in the form of cyanidin-3-O-galactoside can cross the blood-brain barrier and contribute to brain perfusion.

In the hippocampus, cyanidin-3-O-galactoside lowers acetylcholine esterase activity, which increases acetylcholine, resulting in neuronal signalling. This leads to faster and more accurate reactions due to improved visual processing speed and psychomotor control.

In addition, Brainberry® is water-soluble, easy to formulate and has a pleasant taste. Its possible applications include liquid forms (e.g. ready-to-drink formulas), chewable tablets, gummies, effervescent tablets, stick packs and capsules.

What makes Brainberry® an ideal ingredient for gaming supplements?

Brainberry® is the ideal ingredient for gaming supplements for several reasons:

• 100% natural. It is extracted from high-quality Aronia berries from the Baltics resulting in a completely natural ingredient.

• Clinically proven. It has been validated in 3 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials.

• Increased visual processing speed. Its hero compound, cyanidin-3-O-galactoside, significantly improves psychomotor control, enhancing eye-hand coordination.

• Tested in gamers. It has been successfully tested in a consumer study with active gamers.

• Low dosage and stimulant-free. The recommended daily dose is 65 mg. It does not contain stimulants, which are usually accompanied by undesired side effects. This makes it a healthier option compared to other solutions with high stimulants.

• High bioavailability. The bioavailability of the active compound in Brainberry®, cyanidin-3-O-galactoside, has been evaluated and demonstrated rapid absorption [8].

• Easy to formulate. Thanks to its excellent solubility and pleasant taste, it can be included it in a wide range of forms (e.g. drinks, gummies, capsules…).

Research with Brainberry®

Double-blind placebo-controlled trial

Brainberry® has been investigated in the first-ever study to link Aronia berry extract to improved cognitive performance. A 12-week double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study that included 101 subjects linked Aronia berry extract (Brainberry®) to a significant increase in psychomotor speed, eye-hand coordination, and focus.

After only 6 weeks of supplementation with 65 mg of Brainberry® daily, a significant improvement in psychomotor speed was observed, with even a further increase for the rest of the trial (12 weeks).

Brainberry psychomotor speed result

After 12 weeks, concentration was increased by 43% in the group supplemented with 65 mg of Brainberry® [9].

Brainberry focus result

Short-term improvements due to Brainberry®

More recently, a new clinical study has been released investigating the short-term effects of Brainberry® on psychomotor speed and BDNF concentration [10].

Participants in the intervention group showed a significant improvement in reaction time compared to the control group.

Moreover, serum BDNF concentrations were significantly higher with 5.7% in the intervention group after 1-week Brainberry® intake (p<0.05). BDNF is a protein responsible for neuronal survival and growth, essential for learning and memory [11] and highly relevant for the purpose of this research. Its increase showcases Brainberry®’s potential to support young adults in their daily activities such as learning and working.

Consumer study with active gamers

Additionally, a consumer study was conducted on active gamers using Brainberry®. 21 healthy young recreational gamers consumed 65 mg of Brainberry® daily for 7 days.

After just one dose of Brainberry®, participants successfully reported a significant improvement in the most relevant measures for gaming performance, such as eye-hand coordination, focus, reaction time and energy.

As gamers need fast-acting noticeable effects, the significant improvements in eye-hand coordination, focus, energy and reaction after a single dose, confirmed the effectiveness of Brainberry®.

What’s perhaps even more important, is that these improvements were sustained after one week of supplementation.

Brainberry gamer study results

As mentioned before, mood is also key during a gaming session. In fact, not being able to deal with difficult emotions (i.e. anger, stress, anxiety) that are likely to arise while competing, negatively impacts performance. Interestingly, the participants in the study reported an improvement in mood parameters after one week of supplementation with Brainberry®.

Another important outcome to point out is that supplementation with Brainberry® did not have any negative effects on fatigue, sleep quality and anxiety levels. It is well-known that these types of complaints are frequently reported by subjects (often gamers) who consume large quantities of sugar- and stimulant-loaded energy drinks.

The bottom line

Brainberry® is an Aronia melanocarpa extract that provides an innovative and healthy solution to boost gaming performance in a natural and safe way. Thanks to its high content in functional anthocyanins, it promises to enhance gamers’ experience by providing sustained, crash-free energy and clinically proven brain benefits.

Brainberry® is the perfect alternative to supplements and energy drinks that are high in sugar and caffeine. It allows limiting these compounds in your diet while offering sustained crash-free energy, as well as clinically proven brain benefits.

brainberry new clinical study April 2024

New clinical study: Brainberry® improves cognitive performance

New clinical study: Short-term use of Brainberry® improves psychomotor speed and increases BDNF concentration

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 6th May 2024

Press release

New clinical data on the effect of Brainberry® for supporting cognitive function was published in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Nutrition. The results show a significant improvement in psychomotor speed and a significant increase in BDNF after just 1 week supplementation. This publication covers the second published clinical study with positive results from daily Brainberry® intake.

brainberry improves psychomotor speed and cognitive fundtion

Brainberry®: an active ingredient from Aronia supporting brain fitness.

Brainberry® is a clinically validated extract of Aronia melanocarpa, standardised for cyanidin galactoside. The extract is made from fresh berries of the Nero Eggert variety from the Baltics. Aronia melanocarpa is one of the richest natural sources of a powerful anthocyanin, cyanidin glycosides. These flavonoids are widely recognized for their antioxidant capacity and protective effects on vascular function. Brainberry® was the first aronia melanocarpa extract clinically tested in an earlier double-blind placebo controlled trial. In that first trial (1), Brainberry® intake resulted in significant improvement in focus and psycho-motor control and an increase in cognitive flexibility. The results of this study are also published in a peer reviewed journal (1).

The study: Shortterm Aronia melanocarpa extract supplementation improves cognitive performance: a randomized, doubleblind, placebocontrolled crossover study in healthy young adults



This peer-reviewed study was published in the prestigious ”European Journal of Nutrition”, impact factor 5.0. Cognitive capacity is a key factor for learning, memorizing, and thinking. These skills usually peak in young adulthood. Typically, the regular consumption of fruits and specifically berries is often recommended to support these functions. The first clinical trial with Brainberry® was performed in mid-aged or elderly individuals. To fill in this gab, the aim of this research was to determine whether Aronia supplementation could improve the main cognitive domains such as memory and psychomotor speed in young individuals.



Thirty-five young adults took part in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study. They were provided with Brainberry® capsules daily for the duration of 1 (one) week. Cognitive performance was assessed via the Cambridge Neurophysiological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) (2), the gold standard for precise and objective measures of specific cognitive processes. Additionally, mechanistic markers such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) were measured at baseline and after one week.


All participants demonstrated excellent compliance with the protocol and tolerance of the product (Brainberry®). Psycho-motor control, defined as the time from release of the response button to selection of the target was significantly improved by 4.8% (figure 1).

brain berry improves cognitive function after 1 week

Figure 1. The difference in reaction time from baseline to 1 week after. *p<0.05 significant difference between groups; 4.5% decrease in the intervention group.

Moreover, serum BDNF concentrations were significantly higher with 5.7% in the intervention group after 1-week Brainberry® intake (p<0.05). BDNF is a protein responsible for neuronal survival and growth, essential for learning and memory (3) and highly relevant for the purpose of this research. Its increase showcases Brainberry®’s potential to support young adults in their daily activities such as learning and working.


This study demonstrates the great potential of Brainberry® in supporting brain fitness for all ages, more specifically psychomotor speed and cognitive performance in young adults. By adding Brainberry® to a nutritional supplement, consumers will benefit from a science-based support for brain functions and neuronal protection.


About Solabia Nutrition 

Solabia Nutrition, based in Maastricht, Netherlands is part of the Solabia Group and has developed a range of proprietary bioactive ingredients for the nutrition and healthcare industry. We focus on the development of innovative ingredients from plants and microalgae that address active living and healthy ageing. Our goal is to provide the nutrition and healthcare industry with science-based innovations that confer a real health benefit to consumers.

Feel free to contact via for more information on the possibilities Brainberry® has to offer. Further information can also be found on: and

bonolive support women health

Everything you need to know about Bonolive® and women's health

Everything you need to know about Bonolive® and women’s health

Maastricht, 29th March, 2024

bonolive women health oleuropein

How do we define women’s health?

Woman’s health encompasses a range of physical, emotional, and mental aspects. Good health allows women to engage in daily activities with ease and vitality. It enables them to pursue their goals, whether personal or professional, without being limited by health issues. Hence, women’s quality of life is largely dependent on their health and mental status (1, 2).

A pivotal milestone in a woman’s life is the menopause, primarily characterized by hormonal fluctuations, particularly a decrease in oestrogen levels. This hormonal imbalance may have implications for women’s physical and mental health. However, with proper support and a holistic approach, the individual needs of each woman can be catered for.

How can we support women’s health (particularly during menopause)?

Women’s quality of life benefits from a holistic approach, including a comprehensive and integrated plan that addresses physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of well-being (3). The top 3 strategies to support women’s health are listed below:

  1. Nutrition: Encouraging a balanced and nutritious diet is fundamental to women’s health. Emphasize whole foods, plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains. Proper nutrition supports hormone balance, bone health, immune function, and overall vitality (4).
  2. Regular Exercise: Physical activity is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, improving mood, and enhancing overall well-being (5). It is advisable for women to engage in regular exercise that they enjoy, whether it’s walking, swimming, yoga, or strength training.
  3. Stress Management: Chronic stress can negatively impact women’s health. Teach stress management techniques such as mindfulness meditation, deep breathing exercises, yoga, or progressive muscle relaxation. Encouraging women to prioritize self-care activities would help them relax and unwind.

Exploring nutritional solutions for women’s health

As explained above, nutrition is a top priority to maintain and support health status. If we zoom in on women’s needs during peri- and post-menopause, we can explore in more detail what are the micronutrients that could provide a benefit during this stage of life. Typically, menopause is accompanied by acute symptoms such as bloating, night sweats, hot flashes, and long-term ones like loss of bone mineral density or imbalance in blood lipid profile.

Fortunately, there are quite a few nutritional strategies to explore in terms of lowering the risk of the above-mentioned conditions (6). For example, the sufficient intake of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids (7) is important for lipids metabolism as well as skin health. Furthermore, vitamin D (8) contributes to mineral turnover and bone health. In addition, olive polyphenols like oleuropein have great potential to support women in menopause by lowering the risk of bone loss and alleviating joint pain (9, 10).

What is oleuropein?

Oleuropein is the primary polyphenol found in olives and olive leaves (11). It contributes to the bitter taste of olives, especially the unripe ones. This compound has gained recent attention due to its potential health benefits for the human body such as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties (12). Research suggests that it could support cardiovascular health by improving blood lipid levels. Oleuropein is also studied for its potential to aid bone health and skin health as it may reduce chronic inflammation. Moreover, Solabia Nutrition is the pioneer in research innovations with oleuropein and it is now under investigation for supporting women’s health, especially during and post-menopause.


How can oleuropein support women’s health?

Oleuropein may offer several potential benefits for women’s health during various stages of life, including menopause. Here’s how oleuropein can support women’s health:

  • Bone Health: During menopause, women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis due to declining estrogen levels. Oleuropein has been shown to promote bone health by stimulating osteoblast activity (cells responsible for bone formation) and inhibiting osteoclast activity (cells responsible for bone resorption) (13). By supporting bone density and strength, oleuropein may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures in postmenopausal women.
  • Cardiovascular Health: Cardiovascular risk increases after menopause, partly due to changes in hormone levels. Oleuropein has been found to have cardioprotective effects, including lowering blood pressure, reducing LDL cholesterol levels, and improving endothelial function (the function of blood vessel lining) (14). These benefits may help support heart health in women, particularly postmenopausal women.
  • Anti-inflammatory Effects: Menopause is associated with increased inflammation in the body, which may contribute to various health issues such as joint pain, cardiovascular complications, and cognitive decline. Oleuropein has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, potentially alleviating symptoms and reducing the risk of chronic diseases associated with inflammation.
  • Immune Support: The immune system can undergo changes during menopause, potentially leading to increased susceptibility to infections and immune-related conditions. Oleuropein exhibits antimicrobial properties and may help support immune function by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi (14). By bolstering the immune system, oleuropein may contribute to maintaining women’s health and resilience to infections.
  • Hormonal Balance: Although more research is needed, some studies suggest that oleuropein may potentially help alleviate menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and skin dryness by modulating hormone levels.
  • Skin Health: oleuropein holds promise in lowering skin inflammation and supporting skin hydration due to its moisturising and antimicrobial properties (14, 15). vigorous research is currently ongoing in this area, as technological advancements allow for accurate monitoring of improvements in skin health parameters.

Is oleuropein scientifically proven to support women?

There are numerous clinical studies assessing the effects of oleuropein. However, BioActor is the first and only to design clinical studies in the context of women’s health. Three publications in international peer-reviewed journals are testimony of BioActor’s trailblazing research for women’s health. So far, oleuropein emerged as a promising ingredient to support women peri- and post-menopause.

  1. Firstly, a 12-month oleuropein intake resulted in a significant increase in osteocalcin, a marker for bone formation (12). The intervention group also maintained bone mineral density. Additional outcomes were the significant reduction in LDL-cholesterol and total triglycerides in the intervention group, compared to placebo.
  2. Secondly, pain during walking was significantly decreased after 6 months intervention compared to baseline (16). Importantly, oleuropein intake was well tolerated, therefore it may be considered for long-term intake to relieve joint discomfort and improve mobility.
  3. Moreover, postmenopausal women exhibited elevated blood plasma concentrations of Bonolive® metabolites. These findings suggest that the bioavailability of Bonolive® is particularly high in post-menopausal women compared to pre-menopausal women (17). Moreover, MDA a marker for antioxidant status significantly improved in post-menopausal women.

Overall, oleuropein has already shown excellent potential in supporting women’s health and menopause concerns. Therefore, our research group continues to investigate the effects of this ingredient on factors related to women’s health and menopause.


What is Bonolive®?

Bonolive® is Solabia Nutrition’s patented olive leaf extract standardized for high levels of oleuropein. This all-natural ingredient is clinically validated in post-menopausal women to support women’s health during post-menopause, notably by:

  • Enhancing the number and activity of bone-producing cells (osteoblasts)
  • Stabilizing bone mineral density (18)
  • Improving blood lipids/lowering bad cholesterol
  • Improving mobility/reducing joint pain
  • Alleviating menopause symptoms related to mood and skin appearance (19, 20).


The history of Bonolive®

It all started with the breakthrough research of Professor Veronique Coxam on the bone protective properties of oleuropein at the French research institute INRA. Her colleague Marie-Noelle Horcajada continued working on the joint health benefits of Bonolive® at Nestlé Health Science. In parallel, BioActor’s CSO, Dr Yala Stevens and principal scientist Maria Imperatrice have been spearheading the research on Bonolive’s bioavailability and peri-menopause-related effects. More than 150 women took part in our studies as volunteers.


How are the olive leaves sourced?

Olive leaves provide the oleuropein present in Bonolive®. The olive plantation that provides the leaves for Bonolive® is situated near Cordoba, Spain. During the pruning season, the fresh leaves are collected and stored in a special environment to preserve the oleuropein content for extraction. This is an upcycling process, with the olive leaves being a clean and environmentally friendly source of oleuropein for Bonolive®.

Who can benefit from taking Bonolive®?

Bonolive® is a high-quality, 100% clean and scientifically backed ingredient, designed for women by women. Bonolive® targets specifically women in peri- and post-menopause, who need tailored support throughout this important life stage (21). Our latest consumer study suggests that women experiencing acute symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats may notice improvements after just two weeks of use (22).

Easy formulation options with Bonolive®

Bonolive® is a great addition to any product formulation targeting women’s health, specifically menopause concerns. It has a convenient clinically validated dose of 250 mg which fits quite well in capsules. This ingredient is also lipids- and water soluble and can be formulated into softgels, effervescent tablets or beverages. It is also suitable for direct compression in the form of tablets.

Current products on the market often combine Bonolive® with other minerals, vitamins and botanicals suitable to support women’s health such as calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins B, C & D etc. Our team can also offer formulation advice and guidance according to your specific projects.


Bonolive® is a safe solution for menopause support

Moreover, Bonolive® is well tolerated and suitable for long-term consumption to support menopausal women. Bonolive does not contain oestrogens, as opposed to isoflavones. BioActor commissioned extensive safety studies with Bonolive that have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Recently, the US FDA approved the GRAS status of Bonolive for inclusion in functional foods and beverages, further affirming its high quality and safety standards.

Bonolive espana mira aqui

WEBINAR: Women's Health with Bonolive® ES

WEBINAR: Women’s Health ES

With Bonolive®

Are you interested in a women’s health ingredient backed-up by science? At this webinar, we will present Bonolive® and the benefits of adding it to your formulation. Find out more about the science behind Bonolive® its formulation possibilities. Dive into the world of women’s health with our exclusive webinar in Spanish . Watch on demand!


Why watch?


The awareness about women’s health and especially menopause support is growing. As consumer demand is increasing in this area, brands should be satisfying the need for science-based and clean-produced ingredients. At this webinar, we set the focus on Bonolive®, our premium women’s health ingredient. Deepen your knowledge about the science behind this olive leaf extract as well as the benefits it offers. Find out the opportunities of formulation and product formats available. 

bonolive webinar speakers

Presentation by Marit

10 minutes

EU Market Insights: Explore the latest trends, expected growth, and consumer preferences in the EU women’s health market, with a specific focus on Spain. 


Presentation by Valeria

10 minutes 

The Science behind Bonolive®: Discover the clinical data behind Bonolive® and understand the advantages it has to offer for menopausal women.


Presentation by Tony

10 minutes

Sales and Formulation possibilities of Bonolive®: Learn about the origin and benefits of formulating with Bonolive®.


brainberry algasense science

WEBINAR: Watch on demand

Webinar Watch on Demand: Maintain your Brain!

With Brainberry® and AlgaSense®

Are you looking for a brain health ingredient backed-up by science? We presented two ingredients fitting into the current trends. Find out more about the science behind Brainberry® and AlgaSense® and their formulation possibilities. Dive into the world of brain health and cognitive wellness with our exclusive webinar . Watch on demand here.


Why should you watch?


The world of cognitive wellness and brain health is growing as more and more people become aware of their importance. At this webinar, we set the focus on Brainberry® and AlgaSense®, our premium brain health ingredients. Deepen your knowledge about the science behind Aronia Nero Eggert berries and whole algae as well as the benefits they offer. Find out the opportunities of formulation and product formats available. 

brainberry and algasense webinar speakers

Presentation by Marit

10 minutes

US Market Insights: Explore the latest trends, expected growth, and consumer preferences in the US brain supplements market.


Presentation by Joris

10 minutes 

The Science and Formulation possibilities of Brainberry®: Uncover the scientific data behind Brainberry® and understand its impact on brain health.


Presentation by Thomas

10 minutes

The Science and Formulation possibilities of AlgaSense®: Learn about the diverse formulation possibilities of AlgaSense® and its benefits for mood support and stress management.


eye strain stop

How do you relieve eye strain

How do you relieve eye strain?

Maastricht, 15th December 2023

Tingling sensation in your eyes and headaches? Struggling to keep your eyes open? Eye strain is a common condition caused by intense focusing of the eyes during a task, such as during prolonged exposure to digital devices. This condition has become increasingly common since COVID-19, a period during which our reliance on phones and laptops has grown significantly. In this article, we will explore what eye strain is and provide practical steps to help prevent it.

eye strain stop

What is eye strain? Causes and symptoms

Also known as Asthenopia, eye strain is linked to physical fatigue of the eye. It occurs when your eyes get tired from intense focus, such as while driving, reading for hours or staring at a screen.

Several distinct causes can lead to eye strain. But nowadays, most of the oxidative stress leading to eye fatigue is caused by prolonged exposure to screens as the radiated blue light can induce photoreceptor damage (1, 2, 3). Common symptoms are:

  • Irritated or dry eyes
  • Blurring of vision
  • Headaches or sensibility to light
  • Body pain, neck or shoulder pain.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce eye strain.

Practical tips to prevent eye strain

Whether in the form of energy drinks or supplements, consumption of caffeine seems to be the first option for people who want to avoid fatigue.

While caffeine can indeed make you feel more awake and energetic, it’s essential to be aware that its consumption can also lead to adverse effects, including heightened stress, anxiety, or tachycardia (4). It is advisable to reduce caffeine consumption and to explore these alternatives:


Adapted equipment

To enhance your comfort, ensure you properly adjust screen settings like brightness and contrast on your digital devices. 60 to 70% contrast and brightness are usually recommended for reduced eye strain. The use of anti-blue light glasses or anti-blue light filters for screens is also recommended (5).


Yoga ocular exercises
Practicing eye yoga is a good way of providing effective relief for your eyes and minimize eye fatigue symptoms by increasing the efficiency of extraocular muscles (6). Here is a simple exercise: sweep your eyes from left to right and then up and down, always going as far as you can. Do this exercise for a couple of minutes twice a day.


Artificial tears
Using non-prescription artificial tears keeps your eyes moisturised and relieves eye irritation and dry eyes. If the symptoms of eye strain are causing major discomfort, see your eye doctor before getting any medication.


Eye health supplements to relieve eye strain
Nutritional supplements rich in antioxidants can promote healthy visual function (7). We will explore a few options to consider in the next section.

Ingredients for maintaining eye health


1.Zinc is a crucial mineral with various vital functions in our body. One of the important nutritional effects of zinc is slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration (8), Оne of the leading causes of visual disability worldwide. Studies have demonstrated that zinc supplementation, when combined with other antioxidants, can suppress retinal degeneration.


2. Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is essential for maintaining proper nerve function and overall eye health. Thiamine is responsible for transmitting visual information from the eyes to the brain. While there is limited direct evidence directly linking vitamin B1 to alleviating eye strain, its general benefits for nerve function may indirectly contribute to reducing eye discomfort (9). Adequate thiamine levels may help optimize nerve function, potentially reducing the likelihood or severity of eye strain (10).


3. Astaxanthin is a powerful carotenoid. It exerts its antioxidant properties in the ciliary muscle which controls focus in the eyes. Eye strain is usually present if this muscle is overworked by staring at a screen all day long. Astaxanthin works directly to relax the ciliary muscle and therefore reduce eye strain.


4. Anthocyanins are known to improve blood flow and concentration. Commonly present in red, blue, or purple fruits and vegetables, they contain a specific anthocyanin, Cyanidin-3-O-galactoside. This is also the main active ingredient of Brainberry®, the Aronia Melanocarpa extract researched and developed by BioActor. Clinical studies have validated this ingredient’s efficacy in improving focus and hand-eye coordination.

top 6 ingredients for cognition and eye health

Top 6 ingredients for cognition and eye health

Top 6 ingredients for cognition and eye health

November 22nd, 2023

All of our senses allow us to enjoy the world around us and vision is no exception. Cognition is essential to make something meaningful of all senses. As you can imagine, nutrition is crucial in maintaining healthy vision and cognition, since several nutrients are essential for the visual system. In this blog, we embark on a journey to discover these essential nutrients, and, as a bonus, discuss a few compounds that can actually enhance cognition and eye-health!

top 6 ingredients for cognition and eye health

The connection between cognition and vision

Cognition is a broad term encompassing thinking, learning, memory, and attention; in other words, it refers to all the mental processes that occur in the brain (1). Vision functions as a key information provider to cognition. This relationship between the brain and eyes is crucial since vision can impact performance of cognitive tasks, positively or negatively. Deterioration of eye performance is actually linked to a reduction in cognitive activities like reading and socializing, notably leading to a poor cognitive state (2).


Challenges for a healthy vision

In our modern-day society, numerous factors present challenges to the well-being of both our vision and cognition. One essential challenge is the abundance of time spent behind screens. Digital eye strain is a condition that is attributed to prolonged and extended use of digital screens typically related to symptoms like blurry vision, headaches and dry eyes (3).


According to the American Optometric Association, workers and regular users of digital screen devices are especially at risk. Screen time of two or more hours without interruption, can already lead to aforementioned symptoms (4). More than 60% of the working population in the US report having symptoms related to too much screen time. Moreover, >70% of children and adolescents exceed the two hour screen time as well (5).


Given the extent of the challenges, it becomes imperative to adopt proactive measures to mitigate their effects and safeguard eye health, and cognition by extent. By addressing these factors head-on, we can not only slow down the development of age-related degenerative processes but also actively support the resilience and vitality of our eyes and cognitive functions.

Taking care of our eyes

How should we take care of our eyes? Let’s discuss a couple of easily adoptable measures:


Regular eye check-ups. It’s advisable to have a comprehensive eye examination every two years, regardless of wearing glasses or not (6). Optometrists may prescribe glasses with anti-reflective coatings to protect eyes from harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices.


Adopting eye-friendly behavior. The 20-20-20 rule is a simple and effective measure to reduce eye strain. It encompasses the idea to look at an object at least 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes (7). In order to make this a habit, you can opt to put a timer every 20 minutes when you are at work.


A diet rich in eye-healthy foods. Nutrition is a crucial modifiable factor with the potential for a huge effect on our daily life. There are sources that naturally contain compounds that help in maintaining a healthy vision and cognition. You can think of eggs, fatty fish, certain seeds, nuts and berries.


Eye health supplements. If you are limited by inconvenience or geographical access for food choice, it can be tricky to consume nutrients in recommended quantities through a regular diet. Therefore, adding nutritional supplements is a great additional strategy for reaching the required amount of nutrients in a safe and convenient manner.

food for eye health

The 6 best ingredients for cognition and eye health

When choosing to select supplements for supporting cognition and eye health, you consider a couple of relevant ingredients. Let’s check out the six to keep in mind:


Vitamin A is essential to protect the outer surface of the eye, known as the cornea. It also maintains the function of the retina, which allows us to differentiate colors and shades. Vitamin A can be obtained from yolks, liver and some vegetables like carrots (8). Supplementation is advised if the recommended daily dose cannot be reached via the diet – 900mcg for men and 700mcg for women.


Lutein is a yellow carotenoid pigment, found in the central retina. Its function is to protect against the harmful blue light (9), often emitted by electronic devises. Lutein supplementation may reduce the risk of developing harmful eye conditions. Common sources of lutein include green peas, parsley and kale as well as egg yolks. The daily dose of lutein supplements is between 5-20 mg.


Astaxanthin is a well-known anti-oxidant, often referred to as “the king of the caretonoids”, with health benefits in multiple areas, amongst which eye health. It improves ocular blood flow, enhancing oxygen distribution and waste clearance in the eyes (10). Astaxanthin can be obtained by eating salmon, shrimp and lobster. However, for supplementation purposes, there is a great alternative through microalgae sources, which is a natural and animal-friendly alternative. Supplementation daily dose varies between 4-12 mg (11).


Omega 3 fatty acids are a great strategy for overall health support, including the eyes. Omega-3s could reduce the risk of dry eyes and high eyes pressure (12). Food sources of omega 3 include salmon, herring and tuna. Additionally, supplements derived from fish, krill or microalgae are widely available. The daily dose for supplementation ranges from 500-600mg.


Vitamin E protects the retina from harmful oxidation. It’s crucial for optimal eye health and can be mostly obtained by eating seeds and nuts (13). Daily supplementation dose ranges between 5-12mg (14).


Aronia berry extract. Aronia berries are fruits with a high concentration of anthocyanins, specifically cyanidin-3-0-glycosides (15). These compounds are linked to benefits for cognition, focus, and eye health. BioActor’s proprietary Aronia berry extract, Brainberry®, has been demonstrated to improve focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination at a low daily dose of only 65 mg (16, 17).

microbiomex or gut health

Everything you need to know about MicrobiomeX® and gut health

Everything you need to know about MicrobiomeX® and gut health

October 11th, 2023

The gut microbiome plays a vital role in our digestive system, responsible for digesting nutrients while also serving as a central component of our gut wall and immune system. Maintaining a healthy microbiome profile is of utmost importance and ongoing research continues to shed light on its intricate functions. In this article, we introduce MicrobiomeX®, one of our sustainably sourced, plant-based active ingredients supported by clinical research. Explore the benefits of incorporating MicrobiomeX® into your formulation.

microbiomex or gut health

What is gut health and why is the gut microbiome important?

The gastrointestinal system is often referred to as the ‘gut’, including the stomach, intestines, and colon. Its primary function is to digest and absorb nutrients, essential for meeting our energy needs.

Within the gut approximately 200 billion species of bacteria reside, collectively known as the gut microbiome. Many of these microorganisms play a vital role in food digestion and are crucial for maintaining a healthy gut and overall well-being.

It’s important to recognize that the condition of the gut microbiome can significantly impact physical health, but also mental health. Well-established connections exist between the gut microbiome and various aspects such as the immune system, the gut wall, mental health, autoimmune diseases, sleep, skin health etc. (1). Numerous factors, including diet, age, and lifestyle, can influence the gut microbiome. Hence, it is clearly important to maintain and support a healthy gut microbiota through nutritious foods and supplements.


Tips for improving Gut Health

Enhancing gut health is possible through dietary and lifestyle choices. Certain foods are known for their positive impact on gut health, particularly fermented foods and fiber-rich options. By increasing their intake, we can reduce the risk of developing gut inflammation and metabolic diseases. Incorporating physical activity and using supplements, including prebiotics and probiotics, are additional strategies. Emerging products now focus on non-fermenting plant-based ingredients, such as prebiotics and citrus flavonoids.

gut health and microbiome

Exploring Prebiotics, Probiotics and More


  • Prebiotics: these non-digestible food ingredients offer health benefits by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of specific intestinal bacteria (2). Foods rich in prebiotics include onions, garlic, greens, cereals and bananas.


  • Probiotics: Live microorganisms that benefit the host by reducing harmful bacteria and supporting the gut’s natural flora (3). Consider consuming fermented foods and probiotic supplements, such as yogurt, tempeh, kombucha, and kimchi, to promote good bacteria.


  • Postbiotics: the byproducts of digestion (4). vitamins B and K, antimicrobial peptides, amino acids, and short-chain fatty acids, play a role in supporting good bacteria. Some postbiotics, like de-glycosylated ‘active’ flavonoids, are generated by specific beneficial bacteria and are also known as flavobiotics.


  • Synbiotics: a powerful combination of probiotics and prebiotics (5). As mentioned above, prebiotics support the function of probiotics, working in synergy to optimize digestive health and bolster the immune system.

Understanding flavonoids

What are flavonoids?   Flavonoids are natural substances found in plants, known for their diverse health benefits. They have become an indispensable part of the nutraceutical market, due to their ability to modulate key cellular enzymes and their antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anticarcinogenic properties.


Fortunately, sourcing flavonoids is sustainable. They are primarily extracted from immature fruits in an eco-friendly manner. For example, orange and grapefruit trees bloom annually, but not all blossoms can become full grown fruits. The trees undergo a natural selection process called ‘fruit drop,’ shedding immature fruits to conserve their resources.


What are the benefits of using immature fruits?

After the fruit drop, immature oranges and grapefruits are not suitable for raw consumption. Still, they are full of valuable nutrients. To harness these nutrients, the most practical approach is to process them into a powdered form, which can be easily incorporated into nutritional supplements.

immature oranges and sweet oranges

Why do immature oranges and grapefruits matter?

These immature fruits are particularly rich in a nutrient of interest, hesperidin. By standardizing the extract from immature oranges for hesperidin content, we can create an eco-friendly and sustainable ingredient. As mentioned earlier, fruit drop is a natural occurrence, and these immature oranges become a byproduct that we can utilize. Similarly, another valuable ingredient, naringin, can be extracted from immature grapefruits.


What are hesperidin and naringin?

Hesperidin and naringin are flavonoids with numerous health benefits. What sets them apart is their unique ability to reach the colon intact, where they directly nourish the gut microbiome. This, in turn, leads to the production of short-chain fatty acids (6, 7), including the vital butyrate, the primary energy source for colon wall cells.


These flavonoids are abundantly found in citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons (8). The extraction of valuable flavonoids from such citrus fruits is a well-established practice. Extensive studies (9) confirm that a combination of hesperidin and naringin positively affects the gut microbiome composition by improving the short-chain fatty acids profile, mainly increasing butyrate content


How can hesperidin and naringin improve gut health?

The unique chemical structure of hesperidin and naringin allows them to traverse the digestive system, arriving mostly intact in the colon. Here, the gut microbiota breaks them down into their active forms, hesperetin and naringenin, both highly bioavailable and transported to various tissues via the bloodstream.


Notably, hesperidin and naringin selectively nourish specific bacteria species, such as Bifidobacterium, Roseburia, and Lactobacilli (10). This promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria, reinforcing the gut’s defense against harmful pathogens. Additionally, these flavonoids play a pivotal role in supporting the immune system by inhibiting oxidative stress and gut inflammation.


In summary, the journey from immature fruits to powdered extracts of hesperidin and naringin offers an eco-friendly and sustainable way to enhance gut health and overall well-being, while also minimizing waste and maximizing the benefits of these valuable compounds.

microbiomex and immature oranges

What is MicrobiomeX®?

MicrobiomeX® is a potent blend of extracts derived from Citrus sinensis (immature oranges) and Citrus paradisi (grapefruit). It stands as a pioneering Flavobiotic®, designed to fortify the gut barrier and unlock the full potential of the gut microbiome. Remarkably, MicrobiomeX® is entirely plant-based and produced sustainably. It adheres to multiple dietary preferences, including vegan, halal, kosher, gluten-free, and hormone-free. Notably, MicrobiomeX® distinguishes itself by being non-fermenting, with its flavonoids activated through a microbiota-driven process known as de-glycosylation.


Extensive research conducted by BioActor, through pre-clinical and clinical trials, has illuminated the remarkable benefits of MicrobiomeX®. Consumption of MicrobiomeX® leads to an enhanced profile of short-chain fatty acids, with a specific increase in butyrate. Additionally, calprotectin levels decrease, signaling a reduction in gut inflammation.


Who can benefit from taking MicrobiomeX®?

MicrobiomeX® can be beneficial for everyone who wants to immprove their microbiome composition and strengthen their immunity. For a more targeted approach, this blend of sweet orange and pomegranate extracts could help the following groups:


MicrobiomeX® is a promising solution for individuals struggling with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Notably, MicrobiomeX®’ non-fermenting nature reduces the production of gas and intestinal discomfort. Additionally, it fosters the proliferation of Bifidobacterium, a beneficial bacteria associated with improved gastrointestinal symptoms in individuals with IBS.


Another demographic that can find MicrobiomeX® beneficial is athletes, particularly those engaged in endurance sports. Endurance athletes frequently experience gastrointestinal discomfort due to the extended and repetitive nature of activities like running or cycling. MicrobiomeX® offers a potential remedy by reducing gut permeability and bolstering the gut barrier.

What is our source of citrus flavonoids?

Nestled in the heart of Spain, at Finca la Gloria, lies a family-run orange plantation. Here, eco-friendly methods are employed to safeguard the trees, eschewing the use of pesticides. Every year, the orange trees burst with blooms. After the natural selection process known as ‘fruit drop,’ immature oranges fall from the trees. Fortunately, they are readily available for us to harvest and extract all benefits they can offer.

Learn more about MicrobiomeX®

If you are curious to know more about MicrobiomeX®, you can check out the product page of MicrobiomeX® or its website.

Actiful: a sweet orange and pomegranate extract suitable for supplements

New publication of clinical data: Actiful® reduces Methylglyoxal, an important marker for healthy aging

New publication of clinical data: Actiful® reduces Methylglyoxal, an important marker for healthy ageing

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 15th September  2023

Press release

A randomized double blinded crossover study performed by Maastricht University, showed the potential of Actiful® as a dietary modulator against advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). AGEs are associated with various age-related chronic diseases. After a 4-week period of Actiful® consumption in healthy elderly subjects, plasma levels of methylglyoxal (MGO) decreased significantly by 9.8% (p = 0.042). These new clinical results highlight Actiful®’s potential to mitigate age-related diseases like diabetes, vascular dysfunction and neurodegeneration. 

Actiful: a sweet orange and pomegranate extract suitable for supplements

Actiful®: an energy-boosting ingredient developed by BioActor

Actiful® is a clinically validated blend of Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) and Punica granatum (pomegranate) extracts. These plants are abundant in bioactive polyphenolic components, mainly flavonoids (1, 2) . Actiful® has a dual mode of action: by increasing synthesis of nitric oxide and by improving ATP production through an increased mitochondrial respiration efficiency (3). In the first clinical study, Actiful® demonstrated to improve energy, mood and antioxidant status in healthy elderly individuals. Actiful® is used globally by leading supplement brands in a vast array of products supporting an active lifestyle and healthy aging.

The study: A Citrus and Pomegranate Complex Reduces Methylglyoxal in Healthy Elderly Subjects: Secondary Analysis of a Double-Blind Randomized Cross-Over Clinical Trial



This study (4) was published in the International Jouranl of Molecular Sciences . It focuses on the evaluation of additional biomarkers and the effect of Actiful® in reducing the concentrations of reactive α-dicarbonyl compounds (specifically methylglyoxal, glyoxal, and 3-deoxyglucosone) in the blood of healthy elderly participants. These α-dicarbonyls are known to contribute to the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), which are associated with various chronic diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (5).


Thirty-six healthy elderly subjects were recruited for this double-blind, randomized crossover clinical trial. They received either 700 mg of Actiful® in capsules, or a placebo for four weeks, with a 4-week washout period in between.

Blood samples were collected during the test day to measure α-Dicarbonyls in plasma. This was achieved via ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.


A significant reduction in plasma methylglyoxal concentrations was observed during a 4-week supplementation period. This reduction suggests a potential benefit in terms of reducing the formation of harmful AGEs, which could be attributed to the antioxidant properties of the active compounds in the supplement. The observed reduction in methylglyoxal was around 9.8%, which could be of clinical relevance in preventing or managing age-related conditions related to AGEs formation, like cardiovascular related diseases, diabetes and neurodegeneration. This confirms the importance of exploring promising nutraceuticals like Actiful® as potential healthy ageing strategies to mitigate the impact of reactive α-dicarbonyl compounds on health.


This study demonstrates the great potential of Actiful® for playing a role in healthy ageing. This is indicated by the significant reduction in AGEs, specifically MGO, found in the present study.

Click here to read the complete publication

About BioActor

BioActor, based in Maastricht, Netherlands is part of the Solabia Group and has developed a range of proprietary bioactive ingredients for the nutrition & healthcare industry. We focus on the development of innovative activities that address active living and healthy ageing. Our goal is to provide the nutrition & healthcare industry with science-based innovations that confer a real health benefit to the consumer.

Feel free to contact via for more information on the possibilities Actiful® has to offer. Further information can also be found on: and