Our focus

Our research focus mainly revolves around two “health engines”, namely, the microbiome and mitochondria.

We like to take deep dives to research these tiny health engines because we believe they are the key to a well-functioning organism and are able to directly influence many aspects of our health and wellbeing.

Our science is translated into health solutions for the healthy ageing and energy and performance nutrition market.

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Healthy Ageing

Bioactives to optimize health & wellbeing during any stage of life.

Healthy ageing is a global challenge and an objective of many consumers. The modern consumer is interested in easy-to-use products that fit their lifestyle and promise to improve their health.

With our broad experience, we strive to find the perfect solution for our customers and consumers, aiming to generate unique yet convenient products.

Together with our research partners, we have developed and tested a range of superfruit extracts to boost energy and vitality, reinforce the microbiome composition and immune system, enhance cognitive functions and cardiovascular health.

Healthy ageing portfolio

Download our healthy ageing portfolio, uniquely studied to help consumers improve their health at any stage of their lives.


Energy and performance

Bioactives to unlock the body’s full potential/performance.

The performance nutrition market is rapidly growing, and always more people engage in physical activity, taking a proactive approach to optimizing their performance.

Our next-generation sports nutrition ingredients aim to boost power, endurance and strength, support heavily stressed joints and address emerging markets such as e-sports and gaming.

We work with an experienced team of sports scientists and the top sports performance centres such as Papendal and the Department of Nutrition and Movement Sciences of Maastricht University to test our products in scientifically robust studies on athletes and active people.

Active living & Sports portfolio

Download our Active Living & Sports portfolio, find out more about our extract studied to unlock the bodies’ full potential.