About Pidolates®

Pidolates® are pidolated mineral salts that are highly water-soluble and bioavailable. This is made possible by their complementarity with pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA), an organic anion naturally present in the body. This synergy promotes cellular penetration and facilitates efficient transport of minerals to target cells.


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Pidolated Minerals

  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Potasium

Marketing and positioning

  • Biomimetic
  • High bioavailability
  • Water-soluble


About Bioecolians®

Bioecolians® is a α-gluco-oligosaccharide obtained through a perfectly controlled fermentation process. It stimulates the production of mucus, a vital component in preserving the physical barrier against pathogens in the gut. Bioecolians® supports digestive regularity and comfort in subjects with symptoms of IBS.

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Composition (HPLC) (W/W)
Oligosaccharides >87%
Glucose >5,0%
Fructose >4,0%

Clinically tested for:

Digestive regularity

Gut Barrier Support

IBS Symptoms

Marketing and positioning

  • Digestive comfort
  • Keeps you regular
  • Clinically tested

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About Naxus®

NAXUS® is an arabinoxylan extract from the wheat endosperm. Several clinical studies have shown that Naxus® is a powerful and well-tolerated prebiotic which induces a positive effect on the immune system and blood sugar levels (EFSA health claim). The recommended daily dose is 1 to 5g.

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Composition (HPLC) (W/W)
Arabinoxylan from Triticum aestivum endosperm >50% (NSP tot)
Protein <25%

Clinically tested for:

Prebiotic effect

Glycemic control

Immune Health

Marketing and positioning

  • Microbiome composition & SCFA production enhancer
  • Multi-lever Immunity booster – Immunovigilance
  • Sugar spike reduction for better glycemia – Glycobiotics

Authorized EFSA health claim

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About MicrobiomeX®

MicrobiomeX® is a natural extract from Citrus sinensis & paradisi. It’s a first-in-class Flavobiotic® that protects the gut barrier and leverages the gut microbiome’s potential. This clinically proven ingredient leads to an improved SCFA profile and lower gut inflammation. The beneficial effect is dose-dependent between 250 and 500mg.

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Composition (W/W)
Bioflavonoids from Citrus sinensis & Citrus paradisi
Hesperidin >80%
Naringin >5%

Clinically tested for:

Prebiotic Effect

Gut health


Stable with probiotics
Patented ingredient

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