New Publication in Nutrients shows beneficial effects of MicrobiomeX® in TIM-2 model

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 17th November 2021

Press release
The effect of MicrobiomeX®, a natural citrus ingredient consisting of specific active flavonoids, was evaluated through in-vitro examination in the TIM-2 model. The study results, recently published in a peer-reviewed journal, showed that MicrobiomeX® can beneficially change the microbiota composition and Short-Chain Fatty Acids production of human volunteers.

In-Vitro Study on MicrobiomeX®

A recent in-vitro study in the TIM-2 dynamic model of the large intestine has shown that MicrobiomeX® has a profound effect on the microbiota composition, already after three days.

MicrobiomeX® is a natural Flavobiotics® from citrus fruits, designed to support gut & immune health by lowering gut inflammation and beneficially shifting the gut microbiome composition.

This innovative flavonoid-based ingredient has already shown in a first clinical trial to boost overall gut health by positively changing the short-chain fatty acid composition. In addition, lower faecal calprotectin levels (an important biomarker of gut inflammation) were found in the treatment group.

The outcome of the new in-vitro study, recently published in Nutrients, showed that the consumption of MicrobiomeX® led to a microbiota composition typical of a person following a healthy plant-based diet rich in fibre.

The study was conducted by the group of Professor Koen Venema, who is also the last author of the publication.

The purpose of the study was to find out whether low doses of MicrobiomeX® – 250mg and 350mg – would have a short term effect on the human gut microbiota and the production of short-chain fatty acids.

The study was carried out in the TIM-2 model with faecal samples from 7 human volunteers. These samples were either treated with two different doses of MicrobiomeX® or a control. Already after 48 hours, the first differences between the treatment and the control could be observed, which became significant after 72 hours.

Interestingly, a potent butyrate-producing class of bacteria – Roseburia spp – was significantly increased with both the 250mg and the 350mg doses, whereby the increases were clearly dose-dependent.

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