New clinical study: Short-term use of Brainberry® improves psychomotor speed and increases BDNF concentration

Maastricht, The Netherlands, 6th May 2024

Press release

New clinical data on the effect of Brainberry® for supporting cognitive function was published in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Nutrition. The results show a significant improvement in psychomotor speed and a significant increase in BDNF after just 1 week supplementation. This publication covers the second published clinical study with positive results from daily Brainberry® intake.

brainberry improves psychomotor speed and cognitive fundtion

Brainberry®: an active ingredient from Aronia supporting brain fitness.

Brainberry® is a clinically validated extract of Aronia melanocarpa, standardised for cyanidin galactoside. The extract is made from fresh berries of the Nero Eggert variety from the Baltics. Aronia melanocarpa is one of the richest natural sources of a powerful anthocyanin, cyanidin glycosides. These flavonoids are widely recognized for their antioxidant capacity and protective effects on vascular function. Brainberry® was the first aronia melanocarpa extract clinically tested in an earlier double-blind placebo controlled trial. In that first trial (1), Brainberry® intake resulted in significant improvement in focus and psycho-motor control and an increase in cognitive flexibility. The results of this study are also published in a peer reviewed journal (1).

The study: Shortterm Aronia melanocarpa extract supplementation improves cognitive performance: a randomized, doubleblind, placebocontrolled crossover study in healthy young adults



This peer-reviewed study was published in the prestigious ”European Journal of Nutrition”, impact factor 5.0. Cognitive capacity is a key factor for learning, memorizing, and thinking. These skills usually peak in young adulthood. Typically, the regular consumption of fruits and specifically berries is often recommended to support these functions. The first clinical trial with Brainberry® was performed in mid-aged or elderly individuals. To fill in this gab, the aim of this research was to determine whether Aronia supplementation could improve the main cognitive domains such as memory and psychomotor speed in young individuals.



Thirty-five young adults took part in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled cross-over study. They were provided with Brainberry® capsules daily for the duration of 1 (one) week. Cognitive performance was assessed via the Cambridge Neurophysiological Test Automated Battery (CANTAB) (2), the gold standard for precise and objective measures of specific cognitive processes. Additionally, mechanistic markers such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) were measured at baseline and after one week.


All participants demonstrated excellent compliance with the protocol and tolerance of the product (Brainberry®). Psycho-motor control, defined as the time from release of the response button to selection of the target was significantly improved by 4.8% (figure 1).

brain berry improves cognitive function after 1 week

Figure 1. The difference in reaction time from baseline to 1 week after. *p<0.05 significant difference between groups; 4.5% decrease in the intervention group.

Moreover, serum BDNF concentrations were significantly higher with 5.7% in the intervention group after 1-week Brainberry® intake (p<0.05). BDNF is a protein responsible for neuronal survival and growth, essential for learning and memory (3) and highly relevant for the purpose of this research. Its increase showcases Brainberry®’s potential to support young adults in their daily activities such as learning and working.


This study demonstrates the great potential of Brainberry® in supporting brain fitness for all ages, more specifically psychomotor speed and cognitive performance in young adults. By adding Brainberry® to a nutritional supplement, consumers will benefit from a science-based support for brain functions and neuronal protection.


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