Naxus®| Results of a randomized controlled trial on reinforcement of intestinal epithelial barrier by arabinoxylans in overweight and obese subjects published in high impact journal

Maastricht, Netherlands, March 8, 2017

Press release

The Clinical Nutrition Journal has published the results of the latest clinical study on the effect of arabinoxylans on gut barrier. Naxus® is a clinically evaluated wheat arabinoxylan concentrate produced by BioActor BV for the support of digestive health. The article concludes that “regular consumption of arabinoxylans results in a more beneficial fermentation profile in overweight and obese individuals.” Such a fermentation profile may lead to improved gut barrier function and immune health.


The Clinical Benefits of Naxus®

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study the effect of 6-weeks daily intake of 7.5g or 15g arabinoxylans, supplied as Naxus® by BioActor BV, on intestinal permeability was evaluated.

Obesity and metabolic diseases are associated with alterations in microbial composition and impaired gut barrier. The aims of the study were to investigate the effect of Naxus® on intestinal permeability, on gene transcription and protein expression of tight junctions, intestinal microbiota composition and activity, immune response and metabolic markers in overweight and obese individuals. Modulating gut microbiota composition, which influences its effect on intestinal homeostasis, appears to be a promising strategy to treat and prevent chronic diseases.

Gut biopsy specimens showed an upregulation of gene transcription of tight junction and associated proteins in both the 7.5g and 15g Naxus® group compared to placebo. Moreover, intake of Naxus® significantly decreased fecal pH and increased fecal concentrations of total short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), acetate, propionate and butyrate, compared to placebo

In conclusion, regular consumption of Naxus® resulted in a more beneficial fermentation, i.e. SCFA, profile in overweight and obese individuals. Such a fermentation profile could translate into improved gut barrier function and immune health. Furthermore, an increased gene transcription of several transmembrane proteins was observed. Finally it was shown that 15g Naxus® might have an anti-inflammatory potential and the intake of Naxus® is well-tolerated.

About BioActor

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