December 13th, 2022

In this study the effect of olive leaf extract supplementation on body composition, muscle strength, skin-aging and menopause-related quality of life in post-menopausal women. Interested to know more about this ongoing project or interested in joining this study as a participant? Read more below.


What does the study entail?

In this study, we examine whether the daily use of a dietary supplement containing olive leaf extract has a beneficial effect on body composition, muscular strength, postmenopausal symptoms and if it has a skin-anti-aging effect.

The research is conducted at the FHML faculty of Maastricht University in Maastricht. The study lasts 12 weeks, during which you take 1 capsule of a test product or placebo a day. You will come to Maastricht a total of 4 times. Once for screening and 3 times for testing days, for a total duration of approximately 6 hours.

The following measurements will be performed: DEXA scan, skin-ageing, hair and nails evaluation via the innovative C-Cube device, blood drawing and questionnaires about your health, physical activity and post-menopausal symptoms.

A reimbursement of a total of €150,- will be handed out after completed participation. Besides, we will also reimburse possible travel costs (€ 0,19/km).

BIOACTOR and PIXIENCE start collaboration on validation of skin imaging technology in nutrition studies

We are recruiting participants! We are looking for women:

  • 45 – 70 years of age and in menopause (no periods for at least 12 months)
  • BMI < 35 (Click here to calculate your BMI.)
  • Non-smoker

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Please contact maria.imperatrice@bioactor.com or fill out the following form: