Cordiart® and Bonolive®obtained registration by the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency

Maastricht, The Netherlands, September 15th, 2017

Press release

Both Cordiart® and Bonolive® obtained registration by the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency. Both finished capsule products of which one containing Cordiart® and the other Bonolive® are now officially registered and can be sold on the Malaysian market.

The Cordiart® and Bonolive® In Malaysia

Cordiart® and Bonolive® containing finished capsule products, named Smoozflo and Bonee Care, have been officially approved and registered in Malaysia by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency. Cordiart® finished capsule products are registered to be used for improving blood circulation under registration number MAL16110075TC. Bonolive® finished capsule products are registered to be used to strengthen bones and joints under registration number MAL16060038TC.


Both Cordiart® and Bonolive® have been clinically evaluated to have significant effects:

Two studies have shown that Cordiart® provides a triple protection of the arteries by improving arterial flexibility, reduces plaque formation, and lower arterial inflammation. The first study targeted patients with metabolic syndrome and impaired endothelial function, whilst the second study was looking at healthy overweight people. In both studies Cordiart® increased flow-mediated dilation compared to placebo. In addition the second study showed a reduction of the levels of adhesion molecules, responsible for plaque formation, and a reduction of the levels of inflammation markers, reflecting the inflammatory status of the arteries.


A 12-month double-blind, placebo-controlled study on a group of osteopenic patients consuming 250 mg/daily of Bonolive® showed a 32% significant increase in serum osteocalcin levels. This validates that Bonolive® prevents bone loss by strengthening bone metabolism and stimulating bone-building cell activity.


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