New Open Label Study: Bonolive® shows increase in skin quality and menopause-related quality of life in postmenopausal women

Maastricht, The Netherlands, October 28th, 2022

Press release
BioActor recruited 23 Dutch and Italian postmenopausal women to assess their postmenopausal symptoms after 28 days of supplementation of Bonolive®. Self-assessed improvement of symptoms and skin quality were recorded after 14 days of supplementation. Symptoms such as feeling bloated, feeling anxious or nervous, mood swings and nail strength improved significantly, highlighting the effects of Bonolive® to benefit women’s health.

Postmenopausal symptoms and quality of life

During each woman’s life, many hormonal fluctuations occur, and they have an important impact on their quality of life. During and after menopause, these fluctuations can result in symptoms that can severely influence day-to-day tasks.

For many women, menopause-related symptoms include irregular periods, hot flashes, sweating, trouble sleeping, mood swings, irritability, skin dryness, and more. A lot of solutions are available, but an increasing number of women prefers a natural option to treat these postmenopausal symptoms.

Bonolive® is an olive leaf extract standardized for high oleuropein content, a powerful phytonutrient unique to the olive tree that offers a natural way in the management of menopause in its different phases.

The benefits of Bonolive® have been assessed in several clinical studies, which demonstrated its positive effect on bone, joint and cardiovascular health, as well as its strong antioxidant properties.

Open-label study in Post menopause women

Recently, BioActor has completed an open-label study on 23 postmenopausal women in the Netherlands and Italy, who consumed 250 mg of Bonolive® per day for 28 days.

In this open-label study, we aimed to investigate the short-term (28 days) effects of 250 mg/day Bonolive® supplementation on self-assessed postmenopausal symptoms in healthy post menopausal women (45 – 65 years). Participants were included in the study if they were healthy postmenopausal (i.e. no menstruation for at least 1 year) women with age between 45 and 65 years.

Study design open label study bonolive

The study results

Three times during the study (at baseline and at 14 and 28 days), participants had to complete an online questionnaire to self-assess their postmenopausal symptoms. After they filled in the questionnaire at baseline, they began their Bonolive® supplementation.

The results show that the participants experienced a significant improvement (P≤0.05) after 28 days of supplementation for specific postmenopausal symptoms: feeling bloated, feeling anxious or nervous, mood swings and night sweats. Furthermore, they indicated to notice and improvement in skin elasticity, skin hydration, nail strength and in energy and vitality.

* Sig (P≤0.05) compared to baseline.


Our consumer study demonstrates that short-term supplementation with 250 mg/day of Bonolive® results in significant beneficial effects on a wide range of post-menopausal symptoms. Therefore, we think that Bonolive® could be a meaningful addition to any nutritional supplement that aims to improve women’s quality of life during and after menopause.

After finishing her participation in the study one participant said:

“After Bonolive® supplementation, my skin is luminous and plumped too. My hair has fallen out less during this period. I would recommend Bonolive® to all my family and friends “

The participants reported that one of the advantages of Bonolive® is that it improved their skin quality and decreased their bloated feeling.


About BioActor

BioActor, based at the Maastricht Health Campus, Netherlands, is a life science company that has developed a range of proprietary bioactive ingredients for the nutrition & consumer health industries. The company focuses on the development of plant-based health ingredients for active living and healthy ageing. The goal is to provide the nutrition & consumer health industries with clinically tested innovations that confer a real health benefit to the consumer.

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