6 reasons to use WATTS’UP® in your sports nutrition supplement

Last updated: April 19th, 2024

July 14th, 2023

Over the past years, the consumption of dietary supplements has become more widespread amongst both athletes and non-athletes. Athletes, in particular, have taken to these supplements to boost their athletic performance, speed up recovery, and prevent injuries. For product developers, it can be hard to decide which ingredients to include in their sports nutrition supplements. In this article, you will get to know more about the health benefits of our citrus extract WATTS’UP® and 6 reasons to include it in your sports nutrition supplement.

WATTS'UP® in sports nutrition supplement

Beneficial effects of antioxidants for sports nutrition

Polyphenols are molecules present in many fruits. They have attracted attention for their ability to act as antioxidants and reduce inflammation [1]. Studies have shown that polyphenols from citrus, pomegranates, and blueberries can alleviate muscle pain after exercise and enhance muscle strength [2].

Additionally, flavonoid supplementation has been found to enhance endurance exercise performance in humans.

Therefore, Solabia Nutrition, previously known as BioActor, researched and developed a unique sports nutrition ingredient called WATTS’UP®. This is a natural ingredient, extracted from Citrus sinensis and standardized for highly bioavailable hesperidin.

WATTS’UP® has been designed to improve performance in both endurance and strength disciplines, making it a high-quality ingredient for supplements in the sports nutrition market. For this reason, we would like to delve into 6 reasons to use it in your sports nutrition supplement.

1. WATTS’UP® increases production of nitric oxide for optimal blood flow

Hesperidin, the main component in WATTS’UP® can boost the cells that form the lining of our blood vessels by promoting the production of nitric oxide [3]. This substance induces the muscles in our blood vessels to relax and expand, facilitating blood flow.

As a result, blood circulation increases leading to a decrease in blood pressure, as well as an increase in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles during physical activity, thereby reducing fatigue.

2. WATTS’UP® directly affects the mitochondria

The mitochondria play a vital role in providing energy obtained from food into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the energy source that the muscles need for physical activity [4].

Inside the muscle cells, WATTS’UP® increases the efficiency of mitochondria, allowing these organelles to produce much-needed energy in a more efficient way [3]. Simply put, WATTS’UP® makes sure that the mitochondria do not lose any of their potential to create energy, meaning that less energy is lost without the production of ATP.

3. WATTS’UP® increases sports performance in trained athletes and recreational gym-goers

Performance booster for trained athletes

A placebo-controlled double-blind study investigated the long-term effect of a daily dose of 500mg of WATTS’UP® supplementation on highly trained athletes.

After 4 weeks of supplementation with 500mg of WATTS’UP®, a strong increase in anaerobic power (p=0.03) was observed, as well as a sustained superior aerobic-derived power throughout the whole exercise. The tested individuals spent 10 hours per week biking, meaning that even in highly trained individuals, WATTS’UP® can give you the power to go that extra mile.

Performance booster for moderately trained individuals

Furthermore, a placebo-controlled and double-blind study investigated the effect of a daily dose of 400mg of WATTS’UP® on peak power in moderately trained subjects.

The results showed an increase in average peak power (p<0.001) as well as a significant increase in peak power within the first five seconds (p=0.020) after 4 weeks of supplementation. This means that WATTS’UP® is not only able to help highly trained individuals, but also gym-goers.

Read more about these studies in our white paper for WATTS’UP®.

4. Higher bioavailable

WATTS’UP® was specifically developed and has been micronized for improved bioavailability and rapid uptake [5].

To illustrate, a bioavailability study in humans showed that metabolites of WATTS’UP® reached the bloodstream after only 15 minutes of consumption to boost performance right from the start, enhancing the power during the exercise.

This makes WATTS’UP® a great ingredient to include in your sports nutrition supplement.

5. Natural powder and easy to formulate

WATTS’UP® is a clean and natural ergogenic sports performance ingredient, which is why it is a great addition to boost any sports nutrition formula. It has a neutral taste and is easily combined with electrolytes, BCAAs, creatine or caffeine in powder blends, capsules, effervescent tablets, beverages, and gummies.

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6. WATTS’UP® is sustainably sourced

Moreover, WATTS’UP® is made from immature oranges that are sustainably sourced. During the growth of an orange tree, the tree has to decide which fruits are the most promising ones. To sustain these high-quality oranges, the tree has to allocate its resources to them. This means that the less promising oranges are dropped from the tree in a process that’s called ‘Fruit drop’.

That these immature oranges are dropped, does not mean that they are not full of valuable nutrients! For this reason, we collect this byproduct of orange trees to create our citrus extracts.

Read more about this process here!

WATTS’UP®, the key ingredient for your sports nutrition supplement

In summary, WATTS’UP® increases aerobic and anaerobic power through a direct effect on the mitochondria showing positive effects on peak force, anaerobic power, and endurance performance. Therefore, this ingredient is the ideal sports supplement for both trained athletes and active people who want to get nutritional support for their physical exercise.

Because it is an innovative and science-based ingredient, it will add differentiation and help your supplement of getting a defined and solid positioning on the market. This makes WATTS’UP® an important ingredient in creating a successful sports supplement product.

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